PIXU - The Pixel Art Project

A Limited Edition art project from renowned pixel artist Jae-bum Joo aiming to immortalize you, your loved ones and favorite celebrities in 8BIT fashion!

PIXU - The Pixel Art Project
PIXU is an 8-bit pixel art project, and it will make our portraits into a tangibel and eternal piece of art.
We use super-fast wireless networks while we get caught in traffic jams. Subway lines are getting tangled more and more, and our smartphone cameras are getting better resolution lenses every year. All of these have brought a total convenience to our lives including mine, but my life is now too complicated because of them. All of us sometimes want to look at our lives in a simple way so that PIXU starts to interpret this world with 8-bit nano bricks.
PIXU's first move is to let people with the same desire as ours have their own 8-bit pixel brick portraits. The next is to take masterpiece paintings into 8-bit pixel brick arts.
A pixel artist Jaebum Joo has been creating 8-bit pixel portrait art since 2010. For more information about him, please visit joojaebum.com,  instagram.com/joojaebum
Your Portrait Brick Package
We draw your portrait or your loved ones and favorite celebrities. (by Pixel Artist Joo)  - You can have your own face designed block product. 
Masterpiece Brick Package  
6 different masterpiece 8-bit pixel brick arts
Makers of PIXU
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at mavcdesign@gmail.com.
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