Pixel art (The compilation of masterpiece series)

pixel art

Pixel art
Masterpiece series
Working at animation studio called ‘studio goindol
Spend some time on doing pixel art while working my studio job.

I like 8bit game and Lego things. And we are generation; used to meet them easily.‘Pixel art’ has already been a familiar word for me.

I reinterpret some masterpieces with pixel art from an 8bit viewpoint.
I start from theme of portrait. The first one is ‘Vincent van Gogh'
I study a detailed description and an abstract idea.
I begin to make up some background patterns.
I try to make face pattern.
I try drawing pixel art with some sculptures. And also create a 3d cubic effect by using 'GIF animation'.
The art work of ‘Gerrard richter’ which looked more like a picture. I want to describe this kind offeeling like blurring.
Typical ‘pop art'.
the process of making 'Pixel art'.
I print pixel art images. They feel more digital so I pick OHP film which can translate into terms oftone the digital feeling. It is transparent paper which can show more texture feeling.
I choose a transparent acrylic frame.
I cannot afford to print really big size of picture.
I want to do someday though. And also want to display my works later.

I will study and make this pixel art consistently toward my future goal.
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