Pixel art (acrylic paint)

pixel art

Pixel art (arcylic paint)
Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Jan Vermeer)
I wanted to try it hand-made work. After I have careful considered about the drawing material, I chose 'Acrylic paint' because it's my first time to do it.
To express 'painting with dots' of pixel art, I made it like a stamp work without using brush..
I’ve made a short film about the making process.
music : polivus 'jam' remix
First of all, I made a grid.
I made pixel stamp with eraser
It doesn’t have a lot of details in it with stamp.
It’s a middle of the work progress.
I made a grid with red thread.
I’m finished. I couldn’t focus on this because of my business, but it could be helpful for my next pixel art work.
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