Daily Pixel Art 4

A collection of Daily Pixel Art

A collection of Daily Pixel Art
Caricature Image
Pepquardiola / Manchester City
15, Aug, 2016
Today is the same day like yesterday.
-Korea Independence Day-
Theme name : Pixelworld
 in Samsung Galaxy Theme store!
"I'm waiting at the future"
(The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, 2006)
" I'll see you in another life...when we are both cats."
(Vanilla Sky, 2001)
'Tokyo Gift fair 2016' on 7th Sep for 3days with my pixel project. 
Good bye Tokyo! See you again! ✈️
'A man waiting for a man'
New Land
The Retro Car
'The Void' - music by Compilerbau
'An Alley'
(Howl's Moving Castle, 2004)
'(500) Days of Autumn'
Winter is coming..⛄️  ([500] Days of Summer, 2009)
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